About me

  I have more than twelve years of experience as a certified massage therapist, and am dedicated to providing quality, therapeutic massages. I have extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and am familiar with pathology principles. I graduated in 2007 from The Center for Natural Wellness and Massage Therapy in Albany, New York. I am licensed in New York and am certified in California (California certificate # 24026). I am happy to be working alongside other amazing health care professionals in the Healcove Clinic. The clinic offers chiropractic, acupuncture, mental health wellness and massage therapy. 

I specialize in neuromuscular therapy, trigger point, sports massage and deep tissue massage. Providing one to two-hour massage services using safe and appropriate techniques, I ensure that my clients leave feeling relaxed, impressed, and looking forward to the next session.

My Philosophy

I believe regular massage can play an important role in our overall health and well being. In todays world we all have fast paced lives and jobs that require us to do repetitive motions, sit long hours in front of a computer, and have high levels of stress that all takes a toll on our bodies. Massage can help to reduce stress and anxiety, increase mobility and circulation, and reduce pain from muscle tension. Your body is your greatest gift, it is up to you to care for it.



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